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Calling us first and informing your insurer: the legal position and how it works


If you’re involved in a car accident that's not your fault you don't have to claim on your insurance
and you can take advantage of all your member benefits with us just by calling us first.

And even if it's your fault you should still call us first because we can recover your car for free.
Remember, accident recovery is generally not included in your car insurance.


After you've called us, you should inform your insurer that you've been in an accident - but make it
very clear to them that this is for 'information only' and that you don’t wish to make an insurance claim.

This will make sure that your insurer doesn’t settle with the other party's insurer
without your knowledge or start the ball rolling with a claim on your insurance.


You are not required to inform your insurer about the accident immediately, but within a 'reasonable time'.
So you can call us immediately and we can start helping you right away - e.g. recovering your car for free.


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